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Jumat, 23 Februari 2018


Iolo System Mechanic PRO & Portable Inc. Crack Terbaru 2018 Gratis



Profesor For All | Iolo System Mechanic Terbaru merupakan salah satu aplikasi tune up terbaik dunia yang berfungsi untuk melakukan perawatan secara rutin pada PC maupun Laptop Anda agar tetap bekerja secara stabil dan maksimal. Adapun fitur lengkap yang dimiliki oleh System Mechanic Full Version diantaranya terdiri dari Defrag Harddisk & Registry Cleaner yang berguna untuk membersihkan file yang tidak digunakan, mempercepat download, dan meningkatkan Sistem Windows.
Iolo System Mechanic
Fungsi & Kelebihan System Mechanic 

Adapun fungsi & keunggulan utama dari Iolo System Mechanic Pro 32 bit & 64 bit Latest Version ini bisa Anda baca pada poin dan review di bawah ini,

  • Meningkatkan kecepatan PC & Laptop
  • Menghapus bloatware (aplikasi bawaan yang tidak penting)
  • Meningkatkan kecepatan Internet agar lebih baik
  • Memperbaiki Troubleshoot PC & Laptop
  • Melindungi privasi dan keamanan pengguna komputer
  • Membersihkan aplikasi & history dll yang tidak berguna
Fitur Canggih System Mechanic Pro

A. Security
  • ENHANCED System Shield - Solusi Antivirus VB100-certified yang sangat canggih sehingga mampu mendeteksi malware serta memonitor ancaman
  • ENHANCED DriveScrubber - Perlindungan Privasi yang dirancang secara permanen untuk menghapus data sensitif setelah dihapus
  • ENHANCED Search and Recover - Mencari dan mengembalikan file yang hilang dan sengaja dihapus dari PC, kamera dan banyak lagi
B. Automated PC Care
  • ENHANCED ActiveCare - Pembersih bersifat canggih dan perbaikan file error lebih aman serta perbaikan setiap kali PC Anda mengalami idl   
  • NEW Modernized Interface- Tampilan paling mudah digunakan dengan teks yang lebih besar, loading lebih cepat dan fitur Menu yang sederhan 
  • ENHANCED LiveBoost - Fitur Pengaturan untuk menyesuaikan dengan Windows untuk meningkatkan kinerja prosesor, memori dan stabilitas hard disk
C. Clean Up Tool
  • ENHANCED PC Cleanup - Membersihkan lebih dari 50 jenis file sampah
  • ENHANCED Privacy Cleaner - Membersihkan chat history, clutter & cache serta browsing interne
  • ENHANCED Registry Tuner - Defrags, compacts, optimizes & backs up system registy  
  • CRUDD Remover - Mematikan program yang berat dan menguninstal aplikasi yang tidak diperlukan
D. Speed Up Tool
  • ENHANCED Program Accelerator - Mengakses data yang lebih cepat dan optimal  
  • ENHANCED Startup Optimizer - Blok bloatware pada saat startup untuk mempercepat waktu booting dan meningkatkan kinerja sistem  
  • ENHANCED NetBooster - Mempercepat internet, video, download dan game 
  • Memory Mechanic - Mengembalikan kembali RAM terbuang secara real time
E. Best Protection
  • Security Optimizer - Menemukan dan memperbaiki celah keamanan Windows dengan update patch terbaru     
  • New Privacy Shield - Mematikan layanan pengumpulan data Windows pribadi agresif jika sulit untuk dinonaktifkan    
  • Incinerator - Aman dan permanen menghapus file sensitif yang tidak diinginkan
Iolo System Mechanic Screenshots RT
Iolo System Mechanic Real Time
Iolo System Mechanic Screenshots
Iolo System Mechanic Scanning
Cara Instal & Mengaktifkan Iolo System Mechanic 

Untuk Aktivasi Iolo System Mechanic agar bisa Full Version Anda dapat gunakan Keygen Iolo System Mechanic / Crack Iolo System Mechanic / Patch + Serial Number Iolo System Mechanic.

Berikut ada beberapa Cara aktivasi Iolo System Mechanic dengan menggunakan Activator Iolo System Mechanic, silahkan baca tutorialnya di bawah ini,

Aktivasi Iolo System Mechanic Via Crack

  • Download dan ekstrak file System Mechanic Full Crack terbaru
  • Ekstrak Crack hasil download dari blog
  • Instal hingga prosesnya selesai & jangan dulu dibuka
  • Buka folder Crack "ioloController.dll" dan Copy file crack ke lokasi instal
  • Lokasi Instal: C:\Program Files (x86)\iolo\System Mechanic
  • Pilih copy and replace, silahkan di buka SystemMechanic.exe
Serial Number Iolo System Mechanic Pro Terbaru

Update License Key Iolo System Mechanic Pro Full Version!!!








Iolo System Mechanic Pro Register Key Code
Fixed Update:

Iolo System Mechanic

  • New software platform optimizes your PC many times faster by scanning and repairing multiple areas at once
  • Consolidated toolset is the easiest to use and has the smallest footprint of any version yet
  • Re-architected Startup Optimizer finds whole new categories of unneeded bloatware to prevent from launching at startup. This tool also now has separate, focused wizards to offer full control over Unnecessary, Dangerous and User Choice startup items
  • Next-generation Tune-up Definitions are capable of continuous updates that find many effective new optimizations for modern apps
  • iolo Smart Updater delivers regular, nearly instantaneous updates for far more frequent product enhancements
  • Privacy Shield thwarts Microsoft’s aggressive new personal data collection by disabling Windows 10 features that share your Wi-Fi network connections with your contacts, use your internet bandwidth for peer-to-peer updates, and gather information regarding your browsing habits, program usage and more
  • Re-designed System Shield The updated VB100-certified AV engine now scans for and removes threats far faster than previous versions. The new software platform also delivers more continuous virus definitions updates for the best antivirus protection available
  • Re-designed Drive Scrubber Safely and permanently delete sensitive data from entire hard drives with military-grade file deletion technology that now includes a Linux-based USB-supported data removal client that handles the latest drives
  • Re-designed Search & Recover Finding recoverable files has never been easier with this streamlined wizard. Retrieve irreplaceable emails, photos, music or critical system files from many types of hard drives and other devices
Iolo System Mechanic
  • System Mechanic 16 leverages today’s powerful multi-core processors to scan for slowdown in several areas of your PC at once, and then repairs those issues simultaneously as well. For example, it searches for trapped memory while also locating junk internet files. This means the scan and repair functions are now many times faster than any release to date
  • iolo engineers have also redesigned, consolidated and simplified the major flagship tools to get the best performance out of your specific operating system. The result is the most powerful and stable PC accelerator available today, faster and easier to use than ever before
  • The new iolo Smart Updater delivers nearly instantaneous updates to ensure you receive the most recent version automatically and seamlessly. Individual components and features can now be updated without a re-release of the entire System Mechanic product. This allows for more frequent product enhancements based upon your feedback.
  • System restart is now rarely needed during the system update process
  • The next generation of Tune-up Definitions is now capable of continuous, real-time updates that find many effective new optimizations for today’s modern apps. The result is the elimination of many more types of slowdown, especially in Windows 10
  • Startup Optimizer features these next-gen Tune-up Definitions that can help to significantly speed up boot time by discovering whole new categories of unneeded startup items while providing more user control over Dangerous and Unnecessary ones
  • System Mechanic 16 features the smallest footprint of any version yet, using on average less than 0.5% of processor resources when open and idling
Persyaratan System

  • Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM (optimal 2 GB)
  • 60 MB of available hard disk space
  • Internet connection (required for license activation)
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
  • Windows “Administrator” User Account
  • Note: Not compatible with HD monitors
Iolo System Mechanic Full Version Crack + Serial Key Terbaru 2016 merupakan pilihan tepat dan lengkap sebagai Tune Up Terbaik Dunia & sekaligus sebagai Antivirus untuk perlindungan dari Malware serta Privasi terhadap aktivitas yang Anda lakukan ketika browsing internet..

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